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In the initial consultation a complete medical case history will be taken, this will include:

• History of the injury.

• Past medical history.

• Family medical history.

The musculoskeletal aspect of the injury will be examined as well as the medical involvements where necessary.

We will also arrange any other tests including blood test and M.R.I. scans if needed.

Once the problem has been isolated the diagnosis will then be explained to the patient along with the benefits of undergoing the treatment.

Once the symptoms have subsided a rehabilitation program will be given to help strengthen the area of weakness.

Strapping can be used with more acute injuries to decrease inflammation at the site of injury and in the initial stages of rehabilitation.

Background on Kery Levy

Having been deeply involved in playing a number of sports, I experienced the inevitable down side of injury on a number of occasions. Using Osteopathy I was able to return to activity amazingly quickly

I applied to the London School of Osteopathy (5 year degree course) and graduated in 2002.while I was training to be an Osteopath, I worked for six years in an Osteopathic practice that specialized in the treatment of both professional and amateur sports men and women. These included working with first team players from Chelsea F.C. and Crystal Palace.

Using the combined effects of Osteopathy, electrotherapy, strapping, and rehabilitation the recovery speed from injury to full fitness is remarkable. Many Osteopaths say they treat sports injury. An in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of the particular sport a person is returning to is key in returning them to full fitness as quickly and safely as possible.

I opened The 1-2-1 Osteopathic clinic in 2005. The facilities include 3 treatment rooms, retail area, and a dedicated rehabilitation gym.

Osteopathy with Kery Levy BSc (Hons) Ost

Osteopathy, the best drug-free, non-invasive way to treat muscular and bone injuries, is one of the latest medical approaches adopted to treat athletes or amateur sportspersons for their physiological disorders.

An osteopath in Surrey is the person who closely examines the body of the patient to identify the areas that need the treatment. The basic function in this unique treatment is to bring the overall framework of the body into an equilibrium state. The basic targeted areas in this process are the bones such as spinal cord, joints and the muscles which are the three most important parts necessary to make movements of our body.

Osteopathy is the natural way of treating several major body problems which even the high-priced drugs cannot do. The main formula is to reduce the stress levels of the patients and increase the stability as well the immunity in them. This is done using sports massage, gentle joint mobilisation, spinal manipulation, trigger point treatment as well as Ultra sound and Interferential treatments.

The 1-2-1 Osteopathic Clinic in Surrey works on evidence and that is why the treatment is accompanied by X-rays, blood tests and MRI scans to determine the best mode of treatment. We make sure that you can get back to your normal life as soon as you can.

For the long term maintenance of your injury we also recommend our Pilates Classes which will help you become more body aware.