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Why carry your soreness and stiffness from your last workout with you?

Why not take measures to speed your recovery from your exertion so you can reach a higher level in your next workout? Sports Massage provides the ingredient for a complete recovery!

Sports Massage can:

• Enhance body awareness

• Identify problem areas before they develop into injuries

• Remove trigger points formed as a result of injury

• Relax and stretch muscles

• Improve range of motion

• Restore suppleness and elasticity

• Relieve pain and stress

• Free muscle adhesions and soften scar tissue caused by injury or overuse

• Improve circulation

• Flush out toxins that cause muscle stiffness and soreness

• Relax the body and mine

• Speed recovery and healing from exertion

Sports Massage With Charlotte Rehn

Charlotte Rehn is a Danish and English speaking Personal trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and Nordic Walking instructor.

Charlotte trained with Premier International in Guildford and is at Level 3 on the Register of Exercise Professionals. This makes her extremely well qualified interms of Sports Massage and Sports Injury Rehabilitation. She has 6 years of experiance working in gyms in the Wimbledon and Esher areas.

She warmly welcomes new clients of any ability and offers both deep tissue sports massage and also relaxing massage.

A sports massage is equally important in a sportsperson’s life like a catalyst in a chemical reaction. It can be used as a daily routine or for a treatment against some physical disorders. The 1-2-1 Clinic for sports massage in Surrey is one of the prime centres for receiving such treatments without being bothered about anything.

The massage is done to intensify your suppleness, prevent cramping and regular straining of muscles and finally to enhance the immunity of your body. The therapist uses his hands to create a compression that creates a twinge inside the muscles and bones in your body. Every stroke that is made on your body results in relieving a strained muscle or a dislodged bone. A continuous and regular therapy leads to better results and there is a quicker recovery too.

Our sports massage in Surrey is the simplest solution to a lot of disorders such as body aches, torn ligaments, ankle sprains, spasms, etc. They are effective and there is no use of any kind of drug which could be harmful to your body. These practices are completely safe and effective. They can expedite your recovery from your exertion and will never let you fail in your physical tests.