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Common Problems Treated

• Back and Neck damage

• Shoulder impingement (rotator cuff)

• Frozen shoulder

• Subluxation of joints

• Tennis/ golfers elbow

• Muscle sprains/tears

• Runners knee (chondromalacia)

• Osgood schlatters

• Shinsplints/Anterior compartment syndrome

• Knee Cartilage tears

• Ankle/knee ligament tears

• Ankle Pronation

• Achilles/ patella Tendonitis

Sports Injury treatment in Surrey with Kery Levy BSc (Hons) Ost

Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur sportsperson, concerns related to your body must never be given a miss. Going for the best treatment is one option that can save your professional career and we with our sports injury treatment in Surrey make that happen.

Injuries can be a result of various factors such as insufficient warm-up, use of the wrong equipment, pushing yourself too hard, straining of muscles due to any incorrect movement, etc. Falling prey to these situations is quiet easy but recovering from it will be quite hard.

At 1-2-1 Sports Injury Clinic in Surrey, we apply our best knowledge of physiology, anatomy and injury processes to carve out the best treatment that can let you return to your active life the quickest way. The clinic provides proficient treatment methods with the help of its advanced medical equipment and expert osteopaths who have pioneered in this field.

You can be certain of our approach and rely on our treatment methods and rehabilitation facilities that we provide for your injury. Our sports injury clinic in Surrey has a successful track record in providing comprehensive treatments to sportspersons and other individuals who have made their way out of the danger in an easier way. Our care and concern levels will equally match up with yours.